Heath: Dealing with Low blood Pressure

Article by Primrose Stuart

Blood pressure is considered low if it reads below 90/60mmH. This condition can easily be overlooked as there is little awareness or no awareness of its health effects. Generally speaking having a low blood pressure below 120/80 is good. The problem arises when an individual experiences chronic low blood pressure with symptoms. This then becomes a cause for concern.

It’s advisable to check blood pressure levels regularly throughout the year. High or low blood pressure often does not have symptoms most of the time. Making it a silent killer. Knowing your blood pressure helps to know how to manage your health including which food to eat and what kind of body workouts to do without causing harm to your health.

Chronically low blood pressure can be dangerous in some cases. This article is designed to share heath and nutrition tips you can use more regularly to manage chronic low blood pressure.

Symptoms Of chronic Low Blood Pressure

Dizziness, depression

palpitations, seizures

sweating and fever,

feeling sick

blurred vision, pale skin

feeling weak

confusion, fainting,

unusual thirst

diarrhea or vomiting

pale skin.

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Causes of low blood pressure

  1. When your body does not have adequate nutrients such as vitamins B-12 and folic acid to produce adequate blood supply.
  2. Sexual dysfunction medications like Viagra.
  3. Heart medication and antidepressants.
  4. Blood loss.
  5. Heart problems.

What to eat to increase your blood pressure

  1. Salty foods such as salted peanuts, canned fish, Pickles.
  2. Red meat, chicken livers.
  3. Tea and Coffee.
  4. Eat in between meals.
  5. Stay hydrated.

Herbal remedies to increase blood pressure

Herbs and spices can be effective in increasing blood supply. Spices such as chilli peppers and ginger are notorious for increasing blood circulation.

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Chinese natural Medication to increase your blood pressure

  • Bitter orange: Used in Chinese medicine to treat indigestion and increase blood pressure.
  • Ginseng : This can be taken as a tea. It is also good for fertility issues and sexual health.
  • Licorice : Licorice root can be taken in tea form.
  • St. John’s wort : Taken as a tea to increase blood pressure and ease mild depression.

If you are on any medication please consult with your doctor first to prevent any interference that may occur. I also encourage you to explore more research on medications that can further suppress your blood pressure and look for alternative medication.

Exercise with low blood pressure

Excessive workout can lead to people with chronic low blood pressure collapsing or experiencing heart failure. Be sure to have a medical clearance before serious work outs. Stay hydrated, snack in-between meals and keep a positive mind.

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