Getting Rid of Colds Naturally

Article by Primrose Stuart

One thing for sure is almost every other person I know is constantly looking for ways of treating flue every time they get infected.

Flue infections can be very uncomfortable leaving you unable to function properly. Symptoms may range from headaches, fever, clogged nose and in worse cases unbearable coughs. During infection you are forced to isolate yourself making it even more unbearable and expensive to maintain.

Today with the coronavirus pandemic on the rise, you rather know home remedies to cure flue as it may be easily mistaken for coronavirus by those around you. There is a simple way that is so effective you can safely say goodbye to colds. Personally this has worked for me for almost 10 years.

Onion Method

1. Fork half of the onion bulb.

2. Place one onion in every room.

3. Leave it for 7 days and replace it only if you already have the infection.

If already infected you will notice a great improvement after 24 hours. Ideally it should disappear in less than 48 hours.

How Does This Work?

Onions are known for their antiviral antibacterial properties. Forking one end of the onion provides a mechanism that allows the onion to trap all the toxins. As days go by you will notice your onion dwindling in size and showing signs of rotting. In addition, this method prevents the infection from spreading.

The only downside to using onion is its strong pungent smell. The question is how bad do you want to never be a victim of a cold ever again? The smell is definitely worth it. Remember to stay hydrated and warm throughout the winter season.

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      1. My goodness Miranda haha. No, you cannot leave the fork in the onion. That would definitely look like some weird ritual. Besides you want the onion to soak up that bacteria and virus you are trying to get rid of.

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