Home remedy for lower back pain

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If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone. . As we grow older we find ourselves experiences unpleasant back pain. This is a common problem that is easily cured using a simple home remedy that is easily available. There are several causes of back pain some of which include:

Strained muscles,



repeated heavy lifting,

Kidney infections,

Stress & Anxiety,


prolapsed disc,

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Home Remedy using Castor oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries for a lot of home remedies. It is one oil that must be found in every home because of it’s potent properties. I have personally experienced and seen incredible results from its use.

I first learnt about the enormous power of castor oil after reading Edgar Cayce’s work which focused on the use of castor oil packs to improve assimilation, eliminations, circulation and how it breaks down adhesions. It was also recommended as part of a holistic approach to treat epilepsy and constipation. What it can do is certainly amazing. Back to treating back pain…..

What You need:

Castor oil


Heat pad/ hot water bottle or warm towel

plastic paper

2 bath towels



1. Lay down facing down.

2. Soak your cotton in castor oil.

3. Place oily cotton pads on the affected area.

4. Cover with plastic paper.

5. Cover with a thick towel.

6. Add a hot heating pad or hot water bottle and cover with a second towel.

7. Sleep in that position for 45 minutes.

8. Clean the oil off.


I guarantee you, no matter how bad your back pain this home remedy will sort you out.. Good wishes.




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