Small But Important Things To Observe In Sciatica Pain

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Sciatic pain generates from the hip area of the body. The pain can come on suddenly and last for weeks. Those who have experienced sciatica have had excruciating pain. Pain that was so strong it left the individual unable to move from their seat or bed.

The lucky ones had a dull pain. For most, the pain feels like a sharp burning sensation. I have met two people who only get the pain on one side of their bodies. Both felt so much discomfort sitting for prolonged periods of time.

The woman mentioned the sensation often runs from her lower back to her buttocks and down to her calf muscle. Sadly, sciatica may cause one to lose control of their bladder temporarily.

The man had several visits with his physician, where he received an epidural each time. Eventually, he opted for laser surgery. Fortunately…

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