Home remedy for lower back pain

Primrose Stuart If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone. . As we grow older we find ourselves experiences unpleasant back pain. This is a common problem that is easily cured using a simple home remedy that is easily available. There are several causes of back pain some of which include: Strained muscles,Continue reading “Home remedy for lower back pain”

A beautiful Mind

Primrose Stuart The willingness to reprogram our minds is one of the most powerful life changing choices. Our subconscious is heavily influenced by habitual ways of thinking that keep recreating experiences and outcomes that may be desirable or undesirable. The key lies in focusing your attention on self improvement and ongoing learning. The starting pointContinue reading “A beautiful Mind”

The Magical Benefits of Calendula Tea

Calendula is known for its beautiful colorful flowers that give vegetable gardens life. These are commonly mistaken for ordinary flowers yet they are one of the most powerful herbs I have ever known. Lets take a look at how this beautiful herb can transform your life. Prostate Health Plants have a long history in theContinue reading “The Magical Benefits of Calendula Tea”

Great thoughts, great outcomes

Primrose Stuart This article was inspired by the great psychologists and teachers of our time. I recommend you to read and find time to watch the video at the end of the article. In times of change learners will inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to function in a world thatContinue reading “Great thoughts, great outcomes”

The Power of Thoughts and Words

Primrose Stuart If only we knew the power we have as human beings to create our reality, this world would be a very intriguing place filled with an explosive magical way of living without any limitations on what we can achieve or choose to become. It took me a long while to finally learn thatContinue reading “The Power of Thoughts and Words”

Job Stress and Health

Article by Primrose Stuart Stress sets off an alarm in the brain, which responds by preparing the body for defensive action. The nervous system is aroused and hormones are released to sharpen the senses, quicken the pulse, deepen respiration, and tense the muscles. This response sometimes called the fight or flight response is important becauseContinue reading “Job Stress and Health”

Stress & Burnout

Article by Primrose Stuart The world of work is continually changing partly as a result of changing environments marked with endless competition, consumer and skills demand, economic and political issues, ever changing culture and technology. All these factors are putting pressure on how organisations and employees are expected to perform more than before. As aContinue reading “Stress & Burnout”

Sexual Dysfunction in Men: Prevention and Natural Cure

Article by Primrose Stuart Sexual dysfunction inhibits a couple from experiencing sexual satisfaction. In as much as this a topic that people shy away from discussing and seeking help. There is evidence that a lot of cases are on the rise. Causes range from psychological, physiological and often time poor health habits. To get moreContinue reading “Sexual Dysfunction in Men: Prevention and Natural Cure”